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Traditional auditory processing testing in a clinic can be time consuming and expensive, and isn’t an option for many people.

We’ve decided to change that.

We offer professional , convenient and affordable auditory processing testing online to make this important assessment more accessible.

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Our story

How Sonic Learning started

Our clinic started almost two decades ago as a small independent audiology clinic in Perth, Western Australia. We’re now a fully online clinic with team members across Australia. Although we no longer provide face-to-face assessment services, we specialise in offering online auditory processing assessment and treatment services.

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online and validated auditory processing test


How we help APD

Our auditory processing test is fully online, and validated by an audiologist and a speech pathologist. Our comprehensive test assesses 10 areas of auditory processing.

It only takes 30 minutes to complete on your iPad, and you’ll receive a comprehensive, personalised report, along with recommendations for treatment.

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Our founder, Claire

I joined Sonic Learning back when we were Sonic Hearing, a small independent hearing clinic.

I worked alongside my brother, who was one of the first audiologists in WA to test for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Claire Hutchinson

BSc. Occupational Therapy

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about us - tina


Tina, Speech Pathologist

I have been with Sonic Learning since 2007. I worked alongside audiologists for many years conducting face-to-face Auditory Processing Assessments with kids and adults. My goals are to provide Australia’s most convenient online auditory processing assessment as well as the clearest, most useful report. I especially enjoy helping people get the clarity they have been looking for so they can move forwards to overcome their learning challenges.

Tina Pickford

BSc. Human Communication Science (Hons)

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Melanie, Audiologist

I have worked in many areas of the audiological field, but my favourite is auditory processing. I enjoy keeping up with the latest research and developments in this ever-evolving field.

Melanie Atkinson

Consultant Audiologist

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Auditory processing test

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