Auditory processing disorder test

People in Australia aged 5 and above who meet the eligiblity requirements can enrol in our online auditory processing disorder test.

You need an iPad to complete this test at home.

The test is research validated and results are evaluated by a speech pathologist and audiologist.

Diagnostic assessment enrolments are currently closed, and will re-open on 12 August.

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Auditory processing disorder test at home

All you need is an iPad to get started. Once you’ve completed the test, the results are uploaded and evaluated by a speech pathologist and audiologist. No need to book time off work, no need to beat the traffic to travel to a clinic.

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online and validated auditory processing test


Auditory processing disorder test validated by professionals

Sonic Learning has over 17 year’s experience with APD. Our comprehensive auditory processing test assesses 10 areas of auditory processing.

Your personalised report will detail your auditory processing strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing treatment recommendations.